About AlTayar

Al Tayar Plastic Mfg. Co. Was founded in the year 1975, and today our factory is Equipped with the most modern, sophisticated and computerized machineries online staffed by qualified technical personals and backed with years of expertise in every phase of our product. We are one of the leading and the largest plastic processors in the Middle East for uPVC and CPVC pipes & fittings, plastic films and printing packing bags and also our product range include Polyethylene and Polypropylene conduits and rolls, flexible uPVC corrugated and reinforced hoses, Rubber products like foams, gaskets, rings, reinforced hoses, and twenty seven years of rich experience as well as our research and development has made us a pioneer in the field of plastic processing in the entire Middle east.

Al Tayar regards quality control as being of first priority. Our plant is equipped with a modern fully equipped test laboratory which is fitted with the latest test equipment and staffed by qualified technical personnel, to meet the requirements demanded by SASO, ASTM, DIN RS standards in plastics and rubber products and also to fulfill our long term commitment to the customers. The manufacture of high quality products requires a high degree of technical skill. Recognizing this Al Tayar has been equipped with the finest plant, producing the best product, backed by modern management team and technical service.

Al Tayar products are manufactured from the finest materials available. All products are subjected to strict Quality Assurance monitoring before leaving the factory and are designed to offer the most comprehensive range of products on the market. Our products are stable within the term and conditions and will maintain their performance characteristics. A wide choice of sizes for a multitude of applications and sensibly prices for general installation work.

Al Tayar is committed to ensure the quality of the raw materials and final products and to improve the standard of goods produced without much cost escalation. Al Tayar gives prime importance for after Sales Service and provides its customers with advice on any technical problems they may encounter.


It is a great pleasure for me to announce that after delving into the business for more than 13 years and providing the best janitorial, cleaning and fumigation services to our patrons; now, we are providing electronic repellent devices for animals, birds, insects, rodents and mites. In this region, we are nominated as sole distributor of RADARCAN of Spain, producer of world's best repellers.

Client satisfaction is among the top most priorities in our company. And here, in this region, we have been keeping the company on the top of the list for providing best housekeeping services and having highest client satisfaction rate since it's inception.

I am thankful to my valuable clients and patrons who confide in us. And I assure all of you that we shall continue providing the best electronic repellent products and after-sale services.

Numerous small and corporate clients confide in us and we never failed them. Don't ask us for our own appreciaiton. Take a look at our portfolio and ask our numerous patrons about the quality of services we provide them.

Now, we are providing electronic repellent devices to repell animals, birds, insects, rodents and mites from your premises. No more toxic chemicals, no more their re-fills; just plug-in the specific device into your electric socket and thats all.

To keep the company technologically uptodate, we have established our in-house IT department to meet company's information and communication needs promptly and efficiently. In future, we shall move to become a complete paperless company.


Our Vision

To expand our brand image where our customers know if it’s a quality package it must be Altayar To become a preferred world class manufacturer and supplier of printed with the basic values of:

  • Leading the printing/packaging industry in terms of quality, innovation, technology and flexibility.
  • Differentiate and add value to the products and services we offer in order to fulfill the market needs.
  • Supporting the cultural diversity.
  • Considering environmental responsibility for a sustainable industry and world.
  • Care for our employees.
  • Maintaining total quality management mentality.

Our Mission

To provide tailor made products and services in the printing, packaging sector via innovative, flexible and sustainable resources.

To ensure our future growth is mutually beneficial for our staff, suppliers and customers.


Packaging is now regarded as an essential component of the modern style and the way business is organized. It plays a key role in brand promotion & management and directly involves Convenience, appeal information and branding.

In Al-Tayar packaging, we think that there should be no boundaries On your creativity which is the key factor differentiating your product in today’s competitive market. Furthermore the packaging is not only selling your product but deploys your corporate identity.

We are focusing on the technologies and innovation to prevent your creative ideas from any kind of barrier.

Because your ideas worth it!


The factory implements the ISO 9001/2008 and BRC standards under process

A series of modern laboratory analytical instruments and our highly specialized personnel assure:

  • That all materials produced meet the strictest standards for food safety.
  • Thorough and intensive quality control over all processes.
  • Standardization of the processes for the production of new combination of materials.
  • Considering environmental responsibility for a sustainable industry and world.
  • Cost reduction of the manufacturing processes
  • Design of structures of innovative appearance or superior performance in packaging lines.
  • Evaluation of the expected of new materials often proposed by suppliers and full consulting of and users on the use of new materials and their combinations
  • Elaboration of reports on client’s behalf for the expected performance of structures.
  • Scientific customer service through reports and seminar.